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If you came here after typing in, you are in the correct place, but the will be at some time donated to an appropriate media non profit here in the Bellingham, Washington area, and this whole web page will be changed.

Bear in mind, this will take some noodling and flapsing around on line to find that elusive non profit. It may even require me to sing about donating the domain while I am dancing around the weight room at our wonderful YMCA here in Bellingham, Washington!

If you somehow ended up here after noodling around the net looking for radio stuff about Jude Bellingham, I am very sorry. You are about 5,000 miles in the wrong direction. Jude is in Europe and this Bellnigham is in the western US. And I don't have the foggiest where to tell you to go to as my brain is very low on fuel having done a 3 hour dance in the weight room of the Whatcom YMCA. Oh, and sorry. No. I have not ever seen Jude Bellingham work out in our humble little YMCA. Maybe you should do some loitering around Google.

Of course, if you entered in your browser, may I extend a wholesome, hugging welcome to you!

In any case, I gift to you my Wholesome and Enduring Love!

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